In my dreams it feels like we are 40 stories tall

Pop songs are supposed to be 4 minutes or less. Pop songs are supposed to make an entrance, convey the message, and end just as quickly as they started. Which brings us to the UK’s favorite girl group, Girls Aloud, and their 21st single “Untouchable”. Lifted as the third single from their “Out Of Control” album, the single was picked as a response to fan’s reactions. And then it leaked and…what the hell?

Originally clocking it at 6 minutes and 44 seconds give or take, “Untouchable” is a track that builds and builds upon itself, eventually ending with Nadine Coyle’s climactic diva voice belting out lyrics about “beautiful robots dancing alone”. When the single version leaked, I was expecting a radio edit of sorts (Though it was unnecessary. If “Bohemian Rhapsody” could be released in full, then so could this), though never anything as frightening and watered down as what eventually raped my ears. Vocoders? We already have T-Pain, thanks. The production has drastically become saccharine sweet and noticeably tidied up. What the hell did their producers, Xenomania, do to them? It saddens me, because both artist and producers usually churn out impeccable songs. Decide for yourself:

Girls Aloud – Untouchable (Single Mix)

Girls Aloud – Untouchable (Album Version)

That single mix could very well spell the end of Girls Aloud, who are betting on a top 10 debut charting to keep their top 10 consecutive singles record going. While I would love to see it chart top 10, I think it would’ve been even more radical and amazing to release the full album version. It was so good already!

Here’s some visual with some audio.


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